Google reCAPTCHA is a free service to prevent your website from abusive activities. It has two keys, site key and secret key. The site key is used in your website’s HTML code to serve users. The secret key is used for your website to communicate with reCAPTCHA. This post will explain how to get Google reCAPTCHA site key and secret key step by step.

How to Get Google reCAPTCHA Site and Secret Key

Step 1: Go to Google reCAPTCHA site

Step 2: Log in with your Google account.

Google account login

Step 3: Name a label that makes site identification easy for you in the future. Then select reCAPTCHA v2. You will notice that I’m not a robot checkbox is selected by default.

Add domain and select recaptcha

Step 4: Input your website address under Domains and click on the “+” sign. Your email address used for Google account login will show up under Owners by default. It also allows you to add some additional email addresses.

Add domain and email address

Step 5: Ensure both Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service and Send alerts to owners are selected before clicking on SUBMIT.

accept recaptcha terms and service

Step 6: You will see both Google reCAPTCHA site key and secret key are generated.

generate site key and secret key